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individual 3D Print

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➩ Your data will of course be treated strictly confidentially and deleted after 48 hours (automatically & irrevocably) from our servers.
➩ All prices include a basic fee of 4.99€
➩ Please let us know the desired number of pieces in the comment field so that we can charge you the one-time basic fee accordingly.
➩ If you have any questions or problems, please contact us.

Delivery time: variable (is or will be defined in the offer)

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0.80mm Nozzle (statt 0.40mm)

Hilfestellung zur Auswahl des Materials.

Material & Color
  • 1) PLA
    • PLA - silber (RAL 9006)
    • PLA - schwarz (RAL 9005)
    • PLA - weiß (RAL 9010)
    • PLA - perlweiß (RAL 1013)
    • PLA - rot (RAL 3020)
    • PLA - violett (RAL 4008)
    • PLA - pink
    • PLA - hellgrün (RAL 6018)
    • PLA - olivgrün (RAL 6003)
    • PLA - blau (RAL 5002)
    • PLA - türkis
    • PLA - hellblau (RAL 5012)
    • PLA - gelb (RAL 1003)
    • PLA - leuchtorange (RAL 2007)
    • PLA - gold (schimmernd)
    • PLA - perlgold (RAL 1036)
    • PLA - schokoladenbraun (RAL 8017)
    • PLA - pastellblau transluzent (Grundfarbe: RAL 5024)
    • PLA - naturell (transluzent)
  • 2) ABS
    • ABS - schwarz (RAL 9005)
    • ABS - naturweiß (milching)
    • ABS - silber (RAL 9006)
    • ABS - pink
  • 3) PAHT CF15
    • PAHT CF15 - schwarz (15% Carbonfasern)

Hilfestellung zur Auswahl der Schichthöhe.

Layer height


Upload objects: You can upload “STL”, “OBJ” or “STP” files with a maximum file size of 50MB.
TIP: Preferably save your models as an STL file in “binary format”.

Our 3D printers offer the following installation space:
Ultimaker 2+:   223 x 223 x 205mm (LxWxH)
Ultimaker 3:     223 x 215 x 205mm (LxWxH)
Ultimaker S5:   330 x 240 x 300mm (LxWxH)
– The tolerance range of our 3D printers is usually in the range of (+/-) 0.10mm to 0.25mm.

– As standard, we use a nozzle with a diameter of 0.40mm on all our 3D printers. (0.25mm, 0.60mm and 0.80mm possible on request)


Selection of the right material:
HERE you can find more information about our materials.

Selection of the correct layer height: Your CAD file is split into many individual layers for our 3D printing process (FDM). The height of the individual layers determines the later “resolution” or the fineness of your 3D printing.

Definition Schichthöhe

Therefore: “The smaller the individual layer height, the finer or more complex the object will be printed.”
However, the following should be noted: • Halving the layer height inevitably leads to a doubling of the printing time. • The compromise between the desired quality, the printing time and the resulting printing costs should always be considered individually, because: • Not all geometries necessarily require a low layer height in order to appear of high quality. (Roundings require a significantly lower layer height for straightforward presentation than straight wall lines)Use the examples to see how the different layer heights affect your object:

Definition Layerhöhe Übersicht Layerhöhe

Selection of the correct filling density:
Based on the filling density, you can determine the stability (or the weight) of your object.
We say, “A fill of 20% is quite sufficient in most cases (due to a stable lattice structure).”
10-30%: for models that serve for illustrative or dimensional testing
30-60%: for models that are to be exposed to a certain mechanical load –

for example Functional tests
60-100%: for models that are permanently exposed to mechanical stress
for example use in industry, stress tests, etc. Using the graphic example, you can see how the fill density behaves within the object:

Devinition Fülldichte

approximate delivery times: (after receipt of payment)
when picking up: 1-3 working days + printing time
DHL Package: 3-6 business days (DE) + printing time


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